Best Uniform Matchups of Week 4

Hi everyone! Week 4 was a vast improvement from last week that brought us a much deeper slate of games in terms of Top-10 worthy uniform matchups. Let’s get right to it!

Honorable Mentions:

-Louisiana-Monroe @ Georgia

-Cincinnati @ Nebraska

-BYU @ Minnesota

-Temple @ Navy

-Oregon @ Colorado

10. Oklahoma @ Army

In a very unlikely matchup, the Sooners traditional away unis pop very well against the deep black of Army’s jerseys and pants. The helmet matchup by itself is very solid as well. Well done by both teams here.

9. TCU @ SMU

TCU’s uniforms are a little out there, but I am a fan, overall. The black helmet looks surprisingly good with the all-white getup. The traditional SMU home uniform is one of the most underrated in the county, and this rivalry game looked very sharp yet again.

8. Washington State @ Oregon State

Both of these teams have good but not great uniform sets. But once you add the retro Benny the Beaver logo to the OSU helmets, this vaults up the list. That logo is a thing of beauty and should be brought back full time. WSU’s uniforms are a little plain, but I am a big fan of the color combo especially.

7. Duke @ Pittsburgh

Dueling script helmets? Dueling script helmets. The Panthers once again looks close to perfect in their new royal and yellow color scheme. Duke going all white was very smart, contrasting the bright Pitt colors. Duke’s stripes stand out so well on this combo.

6. Northwestern @ Penn State

The matte black helmet for NU looks very sharp here, and its overall combination mixes in the purple, white, and black so well with both a traditional and modern twist. It contrasts with the navy and white of PSU almost flawlessly in a very well dressed Big Ten matchup.

5. Kansas State @ West Virginia

I am a huge fan of this color combo WVU rolls out pretty regularly. It is probably my favorite of theirs. The yellow jersey goes so well against the deep purple numbers over the white and silver of KSU. Kansas State’s uniforms are one of the classics in college football and you can never really go wrong with them.

4. Utah @ California

I’ll be honest and say I did not see myself putting this combo this high at first. But the more I look at it, the more impressed I am. Cal’s traditional home set knocks it out of the park. The matte helmet looks so sleek when paired with those jerseys. Utah’s stormtrooper look is one of their better ones and I absolutely love the helmet stripes matching the sleeve stripes on the jersey. Under Armour aced this matchup on both sides.

3. Florida @ Tennessee

This was one I did expect to see fairly high on this list. I am a huge fan of the simplicity of the Vols’ uniforms. They own that color orange too, and it is always great to see. Florida’s blue pants were absolutely the right decision against their orange and white rivals. This is just flat-out an extremely pleasing game to watch aesthetically.

2. Ole Miss @ LSU

Positives first. This matchup is ridiculously appealing. LSU’s classic white jerseys at home mashed in between the yellow helmets and pants is always perfect. Ole Miss with the powder blue helmets and red helmets yet again is one of the best looks in the country, as we saw last week. The only thing keeping Ole Miss from topping this list for the second straight week is the fact they went with throwback number decals this week on the helmets instead. They are not bad, but numbers on the helmets is Bama’s thing in the SEC, and that Ole Miss script is a much better option.

1. Wisconsin @ Michigan

I am an old-school guy, and this matchup just feels right. When you flip on the TV last Saturday night, you know instantly who is playing just by looking at the uniforms. There really is not much to say about this to be frank. The Wolverines’ traditional maize and blue complements the classic all-white Badger road kits, with the red numbers and script popping off of them. This is what college football is all about.


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