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2021 Hot Seat Update

For those of you that followed us last year, you might remember that we did an article similar to this about coaches with very little job security. So, we decided to run it back in our 2021 sim, which has just crossed the midway point of the regular season! In this article, we will beContinue reading “2021 Hot Seat Update”

2021 Week 7 Recap

Our simulation has officially gone full-on bananas. I’ll explain. Games of Note and Predictions Pittsburgh 24 – #21 Virginia Tech 23 (OT) Scott- Virginia Tech 27, Pittsburgh 18 Gavin- Virginia Tech 21, Pittsburgh 17 Despite both of us doubting it, Pitt is still undefeated.  After escaping a hostile environment in Blacksburg, the Panthers are 6-0. Continue reading “2021 Week 7 Recap”

Week 7 Preview

After an absolutely bonkers Week 6, we’re locked and loaded for yet another satisfying slate of football within our 2021 sim! Let’s get into it! Games of Note: Pittsburgh @ #21 Virginia Tech -Scott: This is shaping up to be one of the more important matchups in the ACC Coastal in 2021. Due to UNC’sContinue reading “Week 7 Preview”

Week 6 Recap

After some technical difficulties, the long awaited week 6 recap is finally here. And what a week 6 it was! Buckle up and hang on, we’re jumping right into it. Games of Note an Predictions #2 Ohio State 40 – Maryland 12 Scott – Ohio State 42, Maryland 19 Gavin – Ohio State 52, MarylandContinue reading “Week 6 Recap”

Week 6 Preview

Welcome to Week 6 everyone! We have plenty more amazing matchups across the country so let’s get into some picks! Games of Note: Maryland @ #2 Ohio State -Scott: The Terps have never beaten the Buckeyes in six tries all-time. Heading into the Shoe against an undefeated Buckeye team won’t make things any easier forContinue reading “Week 6 Preview”

Best Uniform Matchups of Week 5

I’ll just say it. For as loaded of a uniform week this was, the uniform matchups were deep. Like deep deep. Pacific Ocean-type deep. There are only ten spots in this countdown, but there are over twenty that seem worthy. Let’s see who made the cut! Honorable Mentions: -Boston College @ Clemson -USC @ ColoradoContinue reading “Best Uniform Matchups of Week 5”

2021 Week 5 Recap

Week five gave us plenty more close games in our simulation, with lots of ranked teams falling, and some shockers early in conference play. Let’s get specific! Games of Note and Predictions #17 Wisconsin 27 – #25 Michigan 26 (OT) Scott- Wisconsin 24, Michigan 16 Gavin- Wisconsin 28, Michigan 17 The Badgers held on againstContinue reading “2021 Week 5 Recap”

Week 5 Preview

Well, well, well. We have an absolutely loaded Week 5 slate in college football this year. Both in real-life, and our simulation! While some of the big-time matchups in real-life don’t have quite the same weight in our sim, we have other big-time clashes that have taken their spot! Let’s get into some heavyweight showdowns.Continue reading “Week 5 Preview”

Best Uniform Matchups of Week 4

We have another uniform post for all the uniform junkies out there! Let’s hop right into a solid week of uniforms, in which I had plenty of quality games to choose from. Honorable Mentions: -Wyoming @ UConn -Iowa State @ Baylor -Louisiana @ Georgia Southern -Texas Tech @ Texas -UCLA @ Stanford 10. Missouri @Continue reading “Best Uniform Matchups of Week 4”

2021 Week 4 Recap

After one full month, this college football season is easily on pace to be the craziest we’ve seen in ages. While our sim hasn’t had quite the same craziness, undefeated teams are starting to drop left and right! Enjoy some of the highlights of a Week 4 that featured a plethora of nail-biters! Games ofContinue reading “2021 Week 4 Recap”

Week 4 Preview

Believe it or not, we are already about a month into the college football season, and we’re starting to get a clearer picture of surprises, disappointments, and contenders. Conference play is starting to ramp up, and so is our analysis! Make sure to follow us on Twitter: @ncaafbsim Onto our Week 4 preview! Games ofContinue reading “Week 4 Preview”

2021 Week 3 Recap

After an utterly chaotic first three weeks of the 2021 season, our simulation has finally started to join in on some of the fun, featuring a couple head-scratchers including #1 falling on the road! Let’s look at some notable results! Games of Note and Predictions #8 Cincinnati 35 – #21 Indiana 13 Scott – CincinnatiContinue reading “2021 Week 3 Recap”

Week 3 Preview

Welcome back to our 2021 simulated season! After a not-so-thrilling couple of weeks, maybe we will get a little more chaos this weekend to try to catch up to what’s been happening in real life. Let’s get into it! Games of Note: #8 Cincinnati @ #21 Indiana Scott- When this game was scheduled years back,Continue reading “Week 3 Preview”

2021 Week 2 Recap

After what ended up being a crazy week 2 in real life, our sim didn’t quite carry the same entertainment value. That being said, if you like high flying offense and lots of scoring, look no further! Games of Note and Predictions #4 Ohio State 29 – #12 Oregon 11 Scott – Ohio State 38,Continue reading “2021 Week 2 Recap”

Week 2 Preview

Welcome back college football fans! We are back after an amazing and exciting Week 1 to bring you another jampacked weekend of games. This week’s slate is anchored by two massive showdowns, but there is plenty of intrigue around the national scope as well. Let’s get into some predictions! Games of Note: #12 Oregon @Continue reading “Week 2 Preview”

2021 Week 1 Recap

Week 1 (and zero) has come and gone and boy did it live up to the hype! If you guys are new here and don’t know how this works, we will post a weekly recap to analyze some of the results we saw in our simulation and real-life. We will take a look at ourContinue reading “2021 Week 1 Recap”

Week 1 Preview

And we’re back! Fans are back, non-conference schedules are back, college football at its best is back, and it is back with a bang. A huge slate of week one games ushers in the much anticipated 2021 season, and we couldn’t be more excited! Of course, with a full season anticipated, our simulations and predictionsContinue reading “Week 1 Preview”

2021 Update and Predictions

Hello, all. We deeply apologize for the lack of updates during this wild and wacky offseason. 2021 looks to be much more normal than the 2020 season. We have all of the end of season updates recorded in our newly-created Archive section of our page. We recommend checking that out, as there may have beenContinue reading “2021 Update and Predictions”

Best Uniform Matchups of Week 13

Well we are finally here. The last week of the regular season brought with it rivalry matchups aplenty. The uniforms themselves were quite strong, and is definitely one of the deeper weeks this season. Picking the top 10 was tough, but I think you will be pleased. Honorable Mentions: -Washington @ Washington State -Tennessee @Continue reading “Best Uniform Matchups of Week 13”

Week 12 Recap

Our apologies for the late and out-of-order post, as some technical difficulties and holiday travel plans have backed us up so to speak. But you guys deserve a well-rounded Week 12 recap post so here you are. Games of Note and Predictions: #23 UCF 47 – #25 Cincinnati 37 Scott – UCF 31-24 Gavin –Continue reading “Week 12 Recap”

Week 13 Preview

Games of Note: #10 Texas @ #19 Oklahoma State Scott- This could be a tough game for the Longhorns. They are scorching hot, winning 9 in a row, and have wrapped up a spot in the Big XII Championship. OK State has won 3 of 4, and upset the Longhorns the last time they visitedContinue reading “Week 13 Preview”

Week 12 Preview

Games of Note: #25 Cincinnati @ #23 UCF Scott- This noon game is an absolute monster in the American. The Bearcats ended the Knights lengthy conference winning streak last season in Cincy. The Knights are sitting at 5-1, while the Bearcats are 4-2, so a loss for UC would prove more costly, and almost surelyContinue reading “Week 12 Preview”

Week 11 Recap

There was not much hype heading into this week, with only one ranked matchup and relatively few games that looked to be close on paper. However, college football never disappoints, so of course some chaos worked its way into this week’s games. Games of Note and Predictions #10 Oregon 38 – Arizona State 16 ScottContinue reading “Week 11 Recap”

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